Always give thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. – Ephesians 5:20

Our 1941 Plymouth street rod, pictured below is now offerred for sale. Click here to see the add on Hemmings. Click here to see a detailed video about the car.  This is a rare and unique P11 Plymouth Business Man’s Coupe with a great all-steel body.  She has a street-friendly 350 Chevy small block engine that runs great on regular gas. The 350 Turbo “Street & Strip” automatic transmission was installed new in the Spring of 2013 and it provides a nice positive shift behavior, like a street rod should have. The car also has front Disc Brakes and nice working Vintage Air.

The car was built about 14 years ago by only the second owner, Roland Funke of Boerne, TX  (I am the third owner in 76 years.). Roland did it right with a Mustang II frame, Fatman Crossmember & Stub,  modern front suspension and rack and pinion steering. Roland was so proud of this car when it was completed that he had an artist friend render a cool portrait of this great little street rod.

The interior is in great shape with comfortable, fully reclining cloth bucket seats and a nice fold open storage in the back seat area. It also has a tilt wheel with locking steering column, Dolphin gauges and a stereo that I upgraded to a modern 240-watt iPod/memory card capable unit. This little coupe has nice tinted glass and fresh window seals all around. As a result, she is very tight with no leaks and the interior is easy to keep cool in hot weather. The Walker radiator and electric fan keep the engine running nice and cool even with the A/C cranked up on hot summer days.

I replaced the shocks as well as a few suspension and steering parts right after buying the car and she now tracks down the road straight and true.

The all-steel body is painted in a Ford color called Pink Coral Metallic, however it looks more like a rose color. A down-to-bare-metal (receipts and pictures saved) repaint was completed in April of 2015. Kass Autobody of Kerrville, TX did an awesome job and the car looks fantastic!  This is a very high-end paint job that is uniquely translucent. It literally seems to change color and gloss depending on the light. Appearing almost “flat” in some light conditions while shining brilliantly in others. It gives the car a comepletely unique look like I have never seen.

In May of 2015 I made some additional upgrades. I replaced the Billet wheels with old school Chrome Smoothie’s and a new set of tires. I also replaced the carb with the latest version of an Edelbrock 600 CFM. The new carb greatly improved the way this chevy small block runs.  I also had some nicely understated  Pinstriping added. 

In May of 2017 I replaced the old mufflers with some great sounding new Magnaflows. These were added after the video was made and the throaty sound from the exhaust is much improved over what you will hear in the video.

I have bought and sold a number of great old cars over the last 7+ years and I never sell one without disclosing everything that I am aware of that any prospective buyer would want to know. Every car I have ever owned or seen has flaws, and this Plymouth also has some minor ones. I have listed them in following: There is some corrosion on the front of the engine. This is the original engine from when the rod was first built.  It runs beautifully and has no mechanical problems but could use some detailing of the engine to bring it up to show quality.  The engine also has a very slow oil leak.  So slow, in fact, that I have never yet needed to add oil between changes. I also recently discovered a small vacuum leak at the seal of the exhaust mainfold. I realized that several of the maniflold bolts were loose. I have tightened them up and I believe it improved the issue. Still observing as of June 30th, 2017. The issues above are the only ones that I am aware of with this car.

If you are interested in this great little street rod please give me a call at 830.456.6615 or email me – Please, no offers to sell the car for me, or any other business propositions!


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